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Obama locks in another 4 years

Florida goes to the President

Obama has locked in the win. He has a solid lead in Ohio and Florida, and that means Romney is done for.

CNN won’t project Florida – I don’t think anyone would dare project Florida, give what happened in 2000, but 86% of the vote is in, and Obama has the lead. The remaining 14% of the vote that remains to be counted are in Democratic stronghold territory, which means one thing – Obama gets 4 more years!

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The blame game

The mainstream media

Talk to a Ron Paul supporter for more than 5 minutes, and you will most certainly hear about the great conspiracy perpetrated against Ron Paul by the mainstream media.

It’s not just him though. In the republican primaries, Newt Gingrich went ballistic on the moderator for asking him to comment on his ex-wife’s allegations of infidelity. Gingrich seems to think that “much of the media” is spreading “vicious attacks”.

The other day I was watching Fox News at the gym – the talking head went on a rant about how the “mainstream media” is not reporting on the alleged Libya cover up.

What mainstream media is this guy talking about? Last time I checked, Fox had higher number of average daily viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined! 

I’ll go out on limb here and guess that you’ll never about the “mainstream media” from a politician who is getting good press. Somehow it’s only the people who are not taken seriously or the people who can’t get enough attention, who see a “mainstream” media conspiracy.